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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will A Photoshoot Cost?

I can work with most budgets. The overall cost correlates with the size of the project. As a good rule of thumb, I charge between around $185 to photograph a standard 3bd/2ba home, with a range of $155 to $215 based on size, time and deliverables.

How Long Until I Get The Photos back?

We have a 24 hour turnaround!

What does the process look like?
  1. Email, Text or Online Booking are available to schedule your listing.
  2. I’m typically on location for 60-90 minutes for a standard photo shoot. I can start inside or out, and can work around all the typical things that come up.
  3. The next morning, typically before 12pm, I’ll email the delivered photos with a dropbox link that you can download and that will stay live for the next 12 months.

Do you provide any other real estate services

I can provide video walkthroughs, branding videos (wireless mic) for social media, 360 virtual tours (with a 360 camera) and floor plans, property sites, virtual staging, virtual twilights and even item removal upon request. If I can’t do it, I can typically get it done by finding someone who can! I’d love to hear more about what your project requires!

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