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We Are Passionate About The Brunswick County Community and The Amazing Local Businesses That Serve It

Rocketstripe was founded on the principle of effective solutions for local businesses. We build mobile-responsive websites, create video content, offer full-service real estate photography solutions and use analytics to guide your digital marketing campaign. We aim to provide value and build long-term relationships. Through a dedication to improvement, Rocketstripe pushes the boundaries of local marketing by ensuring out of this world support and effective solutions.

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We will go the extra mile to ensure you can’t help but recommend Rocketstripe to anyone needing digital marketing services.  We offer website services, video marketing, social media campaigns, consulting and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Work Experience.

We haven’t been around.  In fact, I started Rocketstripe in October of 2019.  This isn’t something I hide behind because I approach marketing differently and I am learning what is working TODAY, not 10 or 20 years ago.


I have a background in finance and a Masters degree in Accounting.  I made the shift to digital marketing because of my desire to help local businesses increase their revenue and work in a world fueled by automation and constant improvement.

Knowledge is everything

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web design

I don’t charge $2500-$7500 for a basic business website + nickel and dime you with expensive monthly retainers.  We believe in simple transparent pricing.  $99 per month, no contracts, and VERY SIMILAR RESULTS!



This is the future.  Video captures attention, builds a more personal connection and offers endless opportunities to brand and market your business.  We offer short social videos, video ads and more extensive custom videos.


Digital Marketing

In the old days we had billboards, news papers and direct mail.  Now we have the power of the internet.  Unleash it’s power through digital marketing and let us retarget your customers to stay in front of them at ALL TIMES!

more about me


I literally eat, sleep and breathe “digital marketing”, “Real Estate” and “self-improvement”.  I’m a big fan of “one-step-at-a-time” and as you get to know me, you will learn I am playing the long game.


Automation is the future and it isn’t what people think it is.  As we get more advanced with our technology, automation is simply a word that captures those advancements and helps you run your business and live your life a little bit easier.


Innovation is the key to success.  The only way to survive in business today is to pay attention to what the market wants and feed the market.  The market is the market and it does not discriminate.  Those who innovate will separate from the rest of the field.


Your network is your net worth and I would love to connect you with in any capacity.  I make short simple videos, something every business needs, so don’t feel like just because you pay “the big boys” for your website and other marketing needs that you can’t contact me and connect.  I’d love to talk to you about anything!


I value respect, honesty and integrity above anything and I’ll be the first to tell you there are a lot of digital marketers that are not only overcharging and under delivering, but actually misleading business owners who know no better.  I aim to separate myself from those individuals and continue in my quest to earn your respect.